Gold and Medicinal Plants

info mapThis is the content of the Interpretative panel situated next to the Monastery in town:

Gold and Magic Trail: Leave Fojnica feeling healthier and richer!

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Welcome to the theme trails around Fojnica! You are following the Gold and Medicinal Plants Trail, we invite you to discover during your stay in Fojnica three other trails: Water and Health, Food and Rivers, and Wood and Arts. Make sure you pick up a leaflet with all information and our touristic map that will lead you through Fojnica’s paths and people!

Find three of Fojnica’s Magical Medicinal Plants!

Fachilee mille feuilleEELING UNLUCKY? The Chinese recommend our Yarrow or Hajdučka trava (Achillea millefolium) to leave your problems behind! You can find it during Summer and Autumn in our Vranica mountains. Don’t forget it is also powerful when infused to use against allergies or asthma or as a wash for skin problems like eczema.

logo foodYOU CAN’T MISS…The amazing Fojnica water qualities, learn more by taking the Water and Health Trail!

urticaACHING BONES? PAINS? Then look out for Nettle or Velika kopriva (Urtica dioica) as the extracts can be used to treat arthritis, anemia, hay fever, kidney problems, and pain. But nettle is also delicious in Burek and will fill you up with vitamins A, C, D, iron, potassium, manganese, and calcium!

YOU CAN’T MISS...Wild fruits can also benefit your body, learn more along thelogo food Wood and Arts Trail!

Try out both the Hajdučka juice and the Velika kopriva juice in the Samostan Bar (seasonal availability)

PROBLEMS DIGESTING? In the Middle Age the Great Yellow Gentian (Gentiana lutea) was used as an antidote to certain poisons. Being remarkable for its intensely bitter properties (some call it “Bitter Root” it is used nowadays as a tonic medicine amongst other uses. This species is protected under the European HABITAT Directive in the Balkanic region.

DID YOU KNOW…The next time you have a cocktail with Angostura Bitters remember that Gent root is a principal ingedient!

AND ALSO THAT…The Gentiana lutea is depicted on the reverse of the Albanian 2000 leke banknote, issued in 2008, that also depicts king Gentius.

The Gold Rush in BakoviCi: the Biggest Gold Deposit in BiH!

It wGold_prospectoras the romans 2000 years ago that found in Fojnica one of the most valuable sites for Gold prospecting. While Charlie Chaplin was documenting the life of gold seekers in the United States in his film “The Gold Rush”, the BakoviCi deposit was the biggest producer of gold in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Between 1895-1938 it gave more than 2 tons of gold and 7 tons of silver. The first exploration works, organized by the Boschan Brothers from Vienna, had started in 1880. Other Austrian and English companies exploited this natural resource until 1938, when it was considered the mine was no longer profitable coinciding with the start of the Second World War.

DID YOU KNOW…That nowadays, to make a single 18 carat wedding ring more than 20 tons of mine waste are produced! This is mainly because it is necessary to dig much deeper than in the Gold Rush days.

YOU CAN’T MISS...Going on a gold panning trip in Fojnica. You can visit the mine, and we have heard that in the Zivici area someone lost his gold in a cave! Don’t tell anyone, its a secret! Contact Fojnica Tours to organise a trip.

logo foodAND… Perhaps there is little gold left in the rivers, but we can assure there is delicious fish. Following the Food and Rivers trail to learn more!

Other trails: Water and Health  | Food and Rivers  |  Wood and Arts


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