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In July 2007 Caritas organized economical competition in Fojnica Municipality. The main aim was to identify most innovative and interesting projects among vulnerable families in Fojnica, and to follow its implementation. Competition was based on agricultural part and rural tourism part (guest houses).

The organization of the Project competition was very efficient. We gathered 50 applications and visited all projects on the field. The comission for selection of projects was held in Sarajevo, and decided to award 7 economical projects – 6 for agricultural part (production level and processing), and 1 guest house for the tourism component of the Project.

Each project had grant up to 5.000 Euros.

These projects will be implemented in several phases, according to individual project (ex. first building materials, and when rehabilitation of working space is finished, they will got the requested equipments). All of 7 applicants have deadline until May 2008.

Projects are:

Jusuf Pamic, beekeeping sector (mixing and packaging machinery for honey, propolis and wax)


Milenko Bilic, beekeeping sector (queen bee production)


Nihad Ibreljic, fruit production/processing sector (melting, drying and packing of fruits)


Salem Softic, milk sector (fat cheese production)


Svjetlana Miletic, milk sector (dried cheese production)


Nermin Ahmetak, poultry sector (production of eggs)

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and, from tourism part of the competition, 1 pilot guest house project,

Josip Tuka, rural tourism – guest house (this will be the first guest house in Fojnica municipality)

josip-tuka-01.jpg josip-tuka-02.jpg

In order to help applicants to develop their projects better, Caritas engaged SERDA, development agency from Sarajevo, which created business plans for these families. This will help them to adapt themselves to market, and to learn what they can expect from their project.

Official assignment of business plans to these families was held in Caritas office in Fojnica, by SERDA representatives from Sarajevo, 20th of February 2008.



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