Grant for vulnerable rural families

July 31, 2009

IMG_0483Caritas of Bishops Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina together with Caritas International Belgium provided a small grant for vulnerable rural families in total amount of 50.000,00 KM ( 25.000,00 Euros ). This amount is transferred to PUP account( local farmers organization in Fojnica municipality ) and is divided in at least 25 small credits,  for the registered members of above mentioned organization. The main goal of this credit is to help out  vulnerable rural families in order to increase their production and services. All the beneficiaries are not receiving cash but „farmer package“ in accordance with their expressed needs. This credit is given free of interest and its distributed with no discrimination according to gender, religion, race or political affiliation. This is the first pilot credit fund grant, and if everything is completed as planned  there is a possibility to increase the loan fund in 2010.


Travelling through Bosnia and Herzegovina

July 31, 2009

DSC02456For the purposes of the project called „Developing of rural tourism“ two representatives from  Alterural have visited some interesting locations all over Bosnia and Herzegovina in search for the potential tourist destination. Our first visit was in Herzegovina, near Trebinje town.Trebinje is situated in the southernmost part of BiH. This town is rich in cultural and historical monuments of religious character.  Villages that we have visited (Cerovac,Kucici, Grmljani, Djivar,Taleza,Mionic ..)are very near the town and there are representing some of the typical Herzegovina’s  villages with old stone houses and gardens. For the preservation of the tradition and the culture of this areas most important are the residents of these villages. We were very impressed by they love and dedication to keep alive their customs.

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Study Tour to Kragujevac

July 23, 2009

IMG_0711From 14. to 16.07.2009. users  of Caritas project «Supporting the economic development of municipalities Fojnica» are visited  Kragujevac (Serbia), where is  conducting a similar project. The purpose of this visit was meeting the people from this area who already have considerable experience in the field of rural tourism, for which in Fojnica exist both the pre-requisites, and great interest. Read the rest of this entry »

Days of raspberry

July 2, 2009

SDC12927In organization by Association of organic producers of medicinal herbs and berry fruit in Central Bosnia Canton in Novi Travnik, from 25th to 27th of June, 2009 was held International Fair of Agriculture, organic production and eco-tourism, “Days of raspberry.” Read the rest of this entry »