Visit to “Days of apples” in Goražde

Gorazde fair visit  to17th of October 2008 Caritas team organized visit to agriculture fair in Gorazde, named “Days of apples”, dedicated to general fruits production and processing.

Manifestation named “Days of apples” held in Gorazde 2008 is economical and cultural event which is formed by Government of bosnian-podrinjski canton back in 2004. This manifestation is open every October, organized by association named “Days of apples” from Goražde, Faculty of Agriculture from Sarajevo and Governemnt of this canton.

This fair lasts three days, and its primary purposes are promotion, exhibition and education. Educational part is very important, trough many seminars and professional teaching visitors can learn lot of actual problematics.

Also, imporant spot is on production of apples, its deseases, growing.

Caritas team gathered 55 persons from Fojnica municipality, mainly from fruit production/processing sector -and gave them opportunity to see this remarkable fair in the region.


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