Workshop in Fojnica – Rural tourism in Fojnica municipality

7th and 8th of July 2008 we organized workshop for Fojnica farmers and NGO representatives, with topic: Rural tourism in Fojnica municipality.

Caritas team organized this workshop for Fojnica farmers, possible guest house owners and NGO representatives, in order to give them opportunity to see the examples of good practice in Slovenia, and Europe.

Around 15 persons attended to this workshop, which was held two days, in four separated sessions.

Workshop was held by Ms. Renata Kosi from Slovenia, who is an eminent expert in the field of rural tourism, guest housing, and its direct integration with agricultural production and processing. Her team got lot of experience in this field, specially in european countries in transition.

This was a logical continuoing of previously started workshops: in the field of visual identity of Fojnica Muncipality, gathering of Fojnica farmers and NGO activites, rural tourism and guest houses in Fojnica municipality.

We had examples of good practices from Slovenia, Austria, and from Fojnica municipality (Motel “Brusnica”, Mountaineering association “Vranica” Fojnica, and few successful farmers and Caritas project beneficairies).

Persons who were present on this workshop are invited by Ms. Kosi to go to Slovenia in October this year, in order to see successful guest housing, food serving, rural tourism organizing and organic food production.


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