Rural Tourism: Fojnica Delegation Visit Auvergne

From the 19th to the 24th of May 2008, a delegation from Fojnica has participated to a study visit in Auvergne. This was dedicated to:

– rural tourism and

– the management of protected areas in Auvergne.

This is a second visit for a Fojnica delegation to Auvergne region. The first exchange, held in October 2007, aimed at discovering thermal tourism and its evolution from medical care to leisure activities.

The objective of this second exchange was to present the experience of Auvergne in creating jobs and revitalizing its countryside by rural tourism activities.

This time, the delegation was composed of different actors involved in tourism development in Fojnica. Were participating representatives from:

– Brusnica hotel

– The Franciscan Monastery

– The Tourism Agency “Fojnica tours”

– The Mountaineering association “PD Vranica”

–  and two owners of private guest houses

We were received by the Conseil Regional d’Auvergne in the framework of our colaboration. The delegation received a warm welcome from Jain Claude Mairal, the Vice president of the Region Auvergne and his collaborator Lionel Mefiant.

During this period, participant were able to visit various examples of economical projects:

– Bed and breakfast at stopover “gites”

– Farmer inns (Ferme du Cabri in Olby village)

– Pedagogic farm like Randanne Farm in Aurieres village

– Selling on site initiatives mainly in diary sector (Local cheeses)

– Revitalizing cultutal heritage in remote areas (Leotoing village)

– Fruit processing with a successful collective initiative in Ally village (Haute Loire department)

These visits were always for the participants the opportunity to test the local products, share warm moments with the farmers and discover a regional French culture.

Auvergne region presents many similarities with Central Bosnia Canton because of its climatic and geographical conditions. The products, specifically collected, are very similar to Fojnica: wild raspberries, blue berries, mushrooms and medicinal plants. The region has know a desertification phenomena for many years. Rural tourism provided some families the possibility to stay and live in their villages of origin.

All these likenesses are particularly favourable to frutiful exchanges.

The delegation also met different institutions in charge of designing the development strategy and the global communication policy of tourism sector for Auvergne destination.

– the Regional Committee for the Tourism development of Auvergne (CRDTA)

– the Department Agency for the tourism development of Puy de Dome department

– the Resource Center for Rural Tourism, Source at the ENITA Agronomy engineering school

Finally, we visited the “Regional Parc of Volcans” which is a model for combining:

– the protection of national heritage

– providing the inhabitants the possibilities to develop economic activities.

This category “Regional Parc”, pretty well developped in France and Spain, could provide an intermedary scheme for Fojnica and the Vranica mountain protection.


2 Responses to Rural Tourism: Fojnica Delegation Visit Auvergne

  1. Excellent says:

    Very good I am proud of you! It is important to find sustainable solutions to regional economic growth. Excellent- A++!

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