Groups of students from Auvergne and Louvain-La-Neuve visiting Bosnia

The last 19th of April 2008, the Fojnica project has been presented to 9 students from Auvergne in visit in Bosnia. They are following a Master in “International Careers” in Clermont-Ferrand University.

The objective of this study visit in Bosnia was for them to understand the role of NGOs in post-conflict reconstruction and how they can participate to overcome the community divisions. The present project, which put a stress on economical reconstruction, provides a possibility to the different individuals to work together and to look ahead. The support to community projects, trough local non-political NGOs, also aims at the same inter-community dialogue. The approach uses the participative methodology in order prove that, when a common vision exist for all inhabitants, working together can lead to concrete actions. The civil society has particularly gained in legitimacy with new means for its action in Fojnica these last months.

The students were provided with presentation of the project and documentation. They were able to visit Obojak village on the field to discover the site and the living conditions of the project beneficiaries. They also had the possibility to buy and support the local homemade products before returning to Sarajevo.

The 30th of April, Caritas Belgium representative also met a group of student from Louvain -La-Neuve University (UCL) to present our actions in Bosnia. This group of 15 students, from different backgrounds, is currently following a Master in Humanitarian Aid. They belong to the NOHA network financed by ECHO, the humanitarian office of European commission. The aim of their study visit was also covering the post-conflict reconstruction and reconcilation issues. They were also provided with information about the Project and the current context in Bosnia in an informal way in Sarajevo.


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