Workshop – visual identity of Fojnica

March 27, 2008


26th of March 2008 was held the workshop with topic: “Visual identity of Fojnica area”. Workshop was held by Mirsada Adambegovic.

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13 new hiking trails around Fojnica

March 25, 2008

Map of three trekking trails around FojnicaThe 20th of February 2008, creation of 13 new hiking trails have been approved by Caritas. This will cover the triangular shape area linking BrusnicaFojnica townProkosko lake. Read the rest of this entry »

Economical competition

March 7, 2008

agro-biz.jpg gost-ku.jpg

In July 2007 Caritas organized economical competition in Fojnica Municipality. The main aim was to identify most innovative and interesting projects among vulnerable families in Fojnica, and to follow its implementation. Competition was based on agricultural part and rural tourism part (guest houses).

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Professionnal trainings held by teachers from Auvergne region

March 4, 2008


Between 18th and 22nd of February there were trainings held by teachers from Auvergne region, for Reumal staff. Topics were “Tourism and animation for Reumal staff” and “Pastry and French cooking”.

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